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Smart Whistle is a Houston SEO Company that focuses on result driven SEO programs. Our strategies are custom tailored to each client’s budget, niche and goals. We provide a combination of On Page SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and has a very strong economy centered around energy, aeronautics, and medicine. Nicknamed “H-Town,” Houston is one of the best metropolitan cities for small businesses to flourish. With great opportunity comes fierce competition! That’s why It’s important for you to partner with best Houston SEO agency to develop your online presence.

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Houston SEO Services

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Keyword Research

Our Houston SEO experts begin each digital marketing campaign with a thorough analysis of your competition’s keywords. After measuring the difficulty of each keyword, we provide a plan to rank with both long-term and short-term keywords. This Houston SEO strategy delivers an early and consistent ROI of your digital marketing budget.

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Link Building

Link Building is a practice that every SEO consultant in Houston takes advantage of. There are organic ways to build links, (White Hat SEO) and “spammy” unorthodox ways to build links (Black Hat SEO). Google penalizes Black Hat SEO. Smart Whistle Marketing practices White Hat SEO. Building a genuine website with a natural and organic backlink profile builds trust and ensures your website will remain relevant in the years to come.

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On Page SEO

Search Engines like Google routinely “crawl” every website to determine what it’s about. Our Houston SEO company specializes in optimizing the “behind the scenes” parts of your website. This makes it easier for search engines to understand your website. When Google or Bing understands your website, it gets ranked where you want it to!

local seo


Our Houston local SEO service supports businesses that want to grow closer to home. This practice can be very beneficial for both customer and business. Everyone likes convenience, and we make it easier for customers to find businesses in specific areas. Google Maps Optimization is sometimes all a business needs!

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Digital Marketing in Houston TX isn’t as simple as just ranking for specific keywords. Your online presence needs to have trust built with social media marketing, frequent content updates, and a web design that’s easy to navigate. Smart Whistle focuses on each piece of the internet marketing pie to bring you the best ROI.

Paid Advertising

Some of the best Houston SEO campaigns are ran alongside Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Google adwords is a great way to boost traffic until the organic traffic from SEO services kicks in.

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Why Work With Our SEO Agency?

Our Houston SEO company consists of a few professionals that pride themselves on quality over quantity. We partner with a manageable amount of clients and deliver the best SEO services in Houston to just a few carefully chosen businesses. Our time is valuable… and so is yours! Don’t be fooled by the snake-oil SEO salesmen – If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization isn’t a heavily guarded secret in the tech industry. The best SEO consultants in Houston have one thing in common – problem solving skills. SEO is a combination of many “moving parts”, that done correctly, can increase the online presence of a businesses or blog. Given an unlimited budget and timeframe, ANYONE can get ranked with Google!

Smart Whistle Marketing excels at managing both our time and our client’s time. We provide a realistic road map for our SEO strategy and get the results you need faster than the competition. Find out if Our Houston SEO company is the perfect fit for you!

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Our SEO Process


1. Initial Consultation

This is the beginning step to our process where we meet with a client to understand their digital marketing goals. In this initial meeting we define our client’s target keywords and competition. A website audit is performed prior to meeting, in order to give the client an idea of where they stand.

2. Research & Proposal

After the initial consultation, a Smart Whistle team member will provide a full report with an analysis of the client’s niche market. We will provide a proposal to the client with our SEO and digital marketing recommendations. This proposal will set a timeline and clear expectations for the upcoming marketing campaign.

3. Execution of Plan

After the proposal is accepted, the Smart Whistle team will begin transforming your website and online presence. We always make ourselves available to our clients and practice full transparency with our work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

internet funnelOur SEO campaigns start around $800/month. Every client’s situation is different, which makes it essential to draft custom contracts to achieve your goals. Large SEO campaigns competing nationally can quickly exceed a monthly budget of $10,000. Any digital marketing consultant in Houston promising results for a few hundred dollars is generally a scammer.

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the science of creating content that the search engines want to deliver first. Your customer is searching for something—information, a specific product—and the search engines deliver the best possible result. Filling your website with relevant content—high quality information, vibrant images, links from authoritative sites—is the best way to get the search engines to grab your website and catapult it to the top of the search engine results pages.

Search engine optimization takes time and work. In order to rank high in search engine results pages, you will have to do two things and do them well. First, you will have to consistently create content that is relevant to your customer. This means high-quality, well-written content, multimedia elements like video and audio, stunning visual effects and authoritative links. Infographics, white pages, e-books and slideshows take time to create, and making your page the top resource for your customer will take time. Even the most content-rich pages can take months to show results.

Secondly, you have to rank well for your keywords. This is no easy feat. A customer’s search for “dog brushes,” is not likely to deliver your page first. There are simply too many large chain stores (and Amazon) that will hoard the front page space for this search term. If your customer types, “where can I find dog brushes in Houston,” and your page is optimized, it is more likely that the search engines will deliver your website first. Again, this takes a lot of time and work, so SEO is a long-term strategy instead of a quick fix.

A Houston SEO firm will help your company to develop the best possible strategy when it comes to your marketing mix. By optimizing your website for search, creating advertising campaigns and building your site’s visibility over time, your firm will help you craft content that both the search engines and your customers will love. They can also analyze the data and find what works and what doesn’t to maximize your company’s marketing budget. When it comes to getting the best Houston SEO results, we are the premier firm for search engine marketing and advertising strategy. Call us for a free consultation today.

local search mobileLocal SEO is a search engine optimization technique that takes advantage of “geo-modified” keyword searches. Instead of making one web page that mentions servicing ten metro areas in Houston, a Local SEO expert would build ten custom web pages that target each city/town. This SEO practice ensures that your tree service business will rank just as high for “Katy Tree Services” as “Conroe Tree Services”. An advantage to this technique is that some areas have a lot less keyword competition and can be ranked quickly.

diy website organizationSEO isn’t rocket science! Most of the techniques digital marketers frequently use are all available for free on the internet. Because SEO is competitive, you need to consistently analyze your web pages and keywords. This takes time. The tools most SEO experts use do cost money, which is why SEO isn’t generally something business owners do in house. Finding the best SEO company that scales their resources, (content writers, link builders, software) is usually the most affordable option.

A fast way to increase your URL rating and relevancy is to build more Foundation Links. You can do this yourself by listing your Name, Address, Phone, and Website URL on as many business listing websites, (yellow pages, BBB, yelp) you can find. Established websites typically have anywhere from 50-200 referring domains.


top google rankingOur Houston SEO company recommends 3-6 months in order to begin ranking for specific keywords. Having a more established website, (5+ years old) and positive reviews helps improve rankings faster. It’s not impossible, but establishing a new website from scratch takes at least 6 months. Smart Whistle Marketing outlines every client’s timeline and expectations before starting any SEO program. We like to start ranking customers for a combination of high competition keywords and low competition keywords. This SEO strategy ensures our clients get a consistent stream of leads during the entire process.

digital marketingPay per click advertising is similar to SEO in that it puts your company in front of your target customer. The difference, however, is that it has an immediate payoff. Your customer searches for “dog brushes in Houston” and your page is the first that pops up because you have paid for that slot. They click on the link and are instantly taken to your website. If that sounds the same as search engine optimization, it is important to note the major difference. Pay per click advertising delivers the product even when the customer is not actively searching. If the customer has searched for dog supplies in the past, the ads appear on their social media feeds or on the edges of other sites they have visited, long after they are no longer actively searching.

PPC delivers immediate results. Your customer is browsing Facebook and an ad for dog brushes shows up in their news feed. They click on the ad and are taken immediately to your website. You get instant feedback in the form of data that you can use in your overall marketing strategy. You can perform AB testing by creating two different ads and seeing which one gets more clicks. You get your content in front of more customers, leading to greater visibility and sales.

Another advantage of pay per click advertising is customization. Do you want to run your ads on a popular YouTube channel that focuses on dog grooming? You can do that. Do you want to run your ad only in certain geographic areas, like certain neighborhoods in Houston? You can also do that with pay per click advertising. You can use your data to optimize your website for better visibility. Did your ad with the photo of the beagle bring in more traffic than the ad with the golden retriever? Feature the beagle prominently on your website for better visibility. Pay per click advertising can offer a great return for your marketing budget if used as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

The short answer is NO. With the large amounts of internet marketing agencies popping up in the last few years it’s easy to believe SEO is a gimmick. Google’s algorithms are always changing and they don’t want people “gaming” the system. SEO in the last 10 years has changed from what it once was, but it’s still possible to increase your keyword search ranking by doing SEO the correct way. 

The days of spamming a page with hidden keywords (think white text on white background) are long gone. An effective SEO company like Houston’s Smart Whistle Marketing will build high quality content and powerful, relevant links. There’s no magic in the SEO world which is why it has become more of art form. Strategy and data analytics are paramount to getting results!

Search engine optimization is not dead. An established SEO consultant knows that increasing a website’s ranking takes time and effort. In the eyes of Google’s algorithm, the best websites are the ones that most people want to visit and continue browsing. SEO in 2020 is all about marketing strategy. Getting someone to click your website 1000 times a day will not yield the results it did in 2005. Be smart with who you hire to do your SEO.

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